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Winter White Dental Awareness

Complimentary Dental Assessments and 20% discounts on all routine dental cleanings!

Every January through March Society Hill Veterinary Hospital sponsors "Winter White" Dental Health Awareness. During these months we offer Complimentary Dental Assessments with a skilled Veterinary Technician, and a 20% Discount on all routine dental cleanings.

Periodontal Disease affects the teeth and gums of your pet. It can serve as a source of infection that can affect their kidneys, lungs, and heart. Periodontal Disease can be prevented and treated with professional veterinary care and home oral care. Be sure your pet is receiving both to ensure oral health!

How we can help:

Step 1. Visit your Veterinarian
Your doctor will make recommendations based on the grade of periodontal disease evident during your pets' examination. This may include a professional cleaning, beginning care at home, or a combination of both.

Step 2. Professional Dental Care
While your pet is under anesthesia, "Mechanical Scaling" and polishing are performed to remove calculus above and below the gum-line. This will also help slow down further accumulation. Full mouth x-rays are also taken to be sure disease is not present below the gum-line. Sanos gel is applied after polishing to provide a barrier to periodontal disease.

Step 3. Dental Care at Home
Our team will show you how to brush your pet's teeth, to prevent further progression of periodontal disease.

Step 4. Routine Check Ups
Return to your veterinarian for regular dental check ups every 6 to 12 months, as recommended.

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