Anna, Client Service Team

“Of course my love for animals is what drew me to this profession over 25 years ago. I always felt that I needed to be their voice. You will never find a more real love than the love of animals. I started working for the hospital in 1993, and after visiting and volunteering at other clinics, I realized how great Society Hill was. The doctors go above and beyond for patients and we treat our clients like family.”

Ashley, Client Service Team

“I am in the veterinary field because of my mom. She shares a passion for caring for animals. We grew up owning many animals from dogs to skunks.”

Cynthia, Client Service Team

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Diana, Client Service Team

“I love working with animals and learning about veterinary medicine every day. I love what our hospital stands for and what we do for our patients and clients.”

Nicole, Client Service Team

“I am in this field because I adore animals especially cats. However, since working at Society Hill Veterinary Hospital, I have fallen in love with so many of our patients it is hard to pick a favorite. I am happy to be apart of a team that cares for the wellness of your pet.”

Valynncea, Client Service Team/Patient Care Assistant, Fear Free Certified

“I am in the Veterinary field because I have a strong passion to help animals. I feel like every animal deserves a fighting chance and I want to be a part of the greatness to give them that opportunity. I love all animals and I dedicated myself to helping all animals.”