Anna, Client Service Team

“Of course my love for animals is what drew me to this profession over 25 years ago. I always felt that I needed to be their voice. You will never find a more real love than the love of animals. I started working for the hospital in 1993, and after visiting and volunteering at other clinics, I realized how great Society Hill was. The doctors go above and beyond for patients and we treat our clients like family. When I’m not at The Hill, I enjoy spending time with my husband, son, and daughter (Leeanne who works here). I have 3 parrots, 2 cats, and a Great Dane. My dream is to own a small farm with a few rescue farm animals so they can live the good life. My motto is, “Great Danes make everything better! If you are having a bad day hug a Great Dane.”

Member since 1993

Diana, Client Service Team Captain

I have been a part of the SHVH team for 12 years and I’m so honored to have learned so much about veterinary medicine. I love being able to help our clients with all their needs. I love what our hospital stands for and what we do for our patients and clients. I’m a huge cat lover, and in my free time, you can find me spending time at home with my 2 kitties and husband or “down the shore”.

Member since 2011

Nicole, Client Service Team

“I’ve been with SHVH for almost 3 years. I love working here and am grateful to be able to come into a place every day knowing that I work with a wonderful team. I see how hard everyone works to keep pets healthy and thriving! Every day is a learning experience. I love to go above and beyond for our clients and their pets. When I’m not working I’m raising my 7-year-old daughter with my partner, enjoy sitting in the sun, and sewing. We have 2 kitties, Sadie and Izzy. ”

Member since 2019

Jessica, Client Service Team

“I learned at a very young age how much our furry friends mean to family values. I have always loved taking care of pets and watching them grow with our family. Working at Society Hill Veterinarian Hospital, I can use my skills and love to help other families take the best care of their entire family. We provide our patients a boutique service that is hard to find at other veterinary facilities, and our clients appreciate the care they deserve. It’s rewarding to build those trusting relationships that last for many years as we watch our furry friends grow.

Member since 2021