Melanie, Operations Director

Unlike most, I got my calling to work with animals later in life. Before joining the SHVH Team, my work history was in retail management, where I developed so much knowledge in customer service. Although I loved working with people and have a passion for fashion, I didn’t feel like my job was rewarding enough. I wanted to feel a sense of purpose and wanted to feel challenged by learning something new every day. I started volunteering at the PSPCA in 2012 and realized that was the path I needed to take. My heart opened to all of the animals at the shelter, and I knew from that moment on, I needed to continue to help animals and be their voice.

I started working at Society Hill Veterinary Hospital in August 2013 and immediately felt connected to the people and to the hospital. Dr. Casavecchia and the staff here (past and present) have taught me so much about this field. We work as a team to ensure that our patients and our clients receive the best care. I am honored to be a part of this fun, dedicated, and compassionate team.

Member since 2013

Aimée, CVT, Patient Care Coordinator

“When I was 8 years old, I knew my cat was sick but no one believes an 8 year old. After her passing, I knew I would be in this field to help others. This 6th sense has stayed with me throughout my career. I love the puzzles that sick animals bring and when we figure it out and make them better, that is just one reason why I love my job.”

Member since 1996