Tom, Certified Veterinary Technician

“I love my job because I get to help animals and people. I like to educate people about their pet’s and be a shining light for those in the dark. There is nothing more rewarding than getting to touch a person’s life by helping their pets.”

Member since 1998

Leeanne, Veterinary Assistant

“I grew up in a family that also worked in the field and developed a deep-rooted passion for helping and caring for animals. My end goal is to become a CVT so I can better be able to help animals.”

Member since 2013

Rachael, CVT

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Neumann College in 2009 and graduated from Manor College with an Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology in 2013. My special interest in this field is primary care and oncology. I enjoy getting to know clients and helping them with the care of their pets. I have two cats named Daphney and Lindsey.

Member since 2020

Ijanae, CVT

Member since 2021

Valynncea, Veterinary Assistant, Fear Free Certified

“I’m currently enrolled in Penn Foster College program to become a certified veterinary technician. I have been in love with animals since I was a young child. I always wanted to be a part of helping animals in all forms so I decided to dedicate myself to helping and providing my expertise to allow them to strive in our world. My passion is to give a voice to the voiceless companions and to educate our clients on how to take care of their fur babies. Every animal deserves a fighting chance and I am proud to be a part of the greatness to give them that opportunity. ”

Member since 2018

Sierra, Patient Care Assistant

I have always loved animals since I was a little girl. My dream growing up was to be a veterinarian but as I got older, I decided that becoming a certified vet technician would be a better choice. Being a vet assistant is just one step closer to achieving my end goal. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with an amazing team that’s seen me working hard and growing every day.

Member since 2021