Tom, Certified Veterinary Technician

“I am in this field to help animals and to help teach and educate people.”

Member since 1998

Leeanne, Veterinary Assistant

“I grew up in a family that also worked in the field and developed a deep-rooted passion for helping and caring for animals. My end goal is to become a CVT so I can better be able to help animals.”

Member since 2013

Rachael, CVT

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Neumann College in 2009 and graduated from Manor College with an Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology in 2013. My special interest in this field is primary care and oncology. I enjoy getting to know clients and helping them with the care of their pets. I have two cats named Daphney and Lindsey.

Member since 2020

Ijanae, CVT

Member since 2021

Valynncea, Veterinary Assistant, Fear Free Certified

“I am in the Veterinary field because I have a strong passion to help animals. I feel like every animal deserves a fighting chance and I want to be a part of the greatness to give them that opportunity. I love all animals and I dedicated myself to helping all animals.”

Member since 2018

Joudi, Patient Care Assistant

I’ve felt connected to animals since I was a child but visiting different countries and seeing the abandonment and abuse that animals all over the world experience changed my life. Now I’m committed to making every animal I meet feel better as best I can. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than seeing a dog who was nervous and afraid coming into the hospital leave after their appointment filled with joy and confidence. Whether it’s through treats, playtime, or just a few minutes of gentle hugs to give them time to open up before the exam begins, I am so grateful that SHVH gives me the opportunity to be a part of that journey every day.

Member since 2020

Sierra, Patient Care Assistant

Member since 2021