Tom, Certified Veterinary Technician

Certified Veterinary Technician Tom has been with Society Hill Veterinary Hospital since 1998. In addition to his years of experience, he has an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology and is certified in Pennsylvania.

He is a hardworking and loyal member of our staff and says he enjoys his work because he gets to help people and animals as well as learn something new each day.

He has a cat named Weezer and enjoys writing, playing and listening to music as well as watching movies, shopping and poetry.

Amber, Veterinary Assistant

Being able to interact with both animals and their owners is something that Amber loves about being a veterinary assistant at Society Hill Veterinary Hospital. She worked in animal-related fields for several years before joining our staff in February, 2013. Amber’s job responsibilities include educating clients about proper pet care and providing animals with the attention and care that they need when they come through our door.

“I love being able to help and interact with people’s pets. I particularly love watching animals grow up from being a puppy or kitten to an adult,” she said.

Amber is a pet owner herself and enjoys spending time with her three dogs, Fuzzy, Max and Cashew. In her free time, she likes to take her dogs to the dog park, eat out at restaurants, go to movies with her boyfriend and read a good book.

Laura, Veterinary Assistant

Biography Coming Soon!

Leeanne, Patient Care Assistant

Administrative Assistant Leeanne started working for Society Hill seasonally in June of 2013, and began working on a daily basis in June of 2016. Some of her responsibilities include answering phones, walking pets, administrative projects, and file management, but her favorite part of the job is working with our clients and patients.

“The quality of care is amazing and the staff are welcoming and easy to work with,” Leeanne says. “Every day is a learning experience!”

Leeanne is the proud owner of 6 pets. She has a 29-year-old Cockatoo, named Buzz, a 25-year-old African Grey, named Ruby, a 6-year-old Great Dane Mix, named Dixie Rae, a 4-year-old DLH cat named Flash, and 2 Great Danes named Magnus and Zeb, both of whom are 2 years old. At home, she enjoys spending her time with family, reading, cooking, and exploring new places.

Yasmine Patient Care Assistant

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