Happy Howl-O-ween

5 This year we celebrate 50 years serving the community.

We want to share your stories, memories, and experiences you have had with us over the years.

Cheers to another 50 years!!

It’s Winter White time! During January, February, and March, we focus on dental health.

Call or text us today to schedule a complimentary technician dental assessment to have your companion’s teeth evaluated.

With every complimentary technician dental assessment, we include toothpaste, a toothbrush, and dental chews to help you get a head start on home dental care.

Adoptable Spotlight:

I weigh in at 82 pounds.
Some people say I have the best smile in town.
I enjoy cuddling with my toys.
I have a special talent of bunny hopping down the steps
I drool a lot but it adds to my charm.
Currently looking for my forever home.
Stop by or Call the Office if you are interested in meeting me.

Did you know that you can text us? We always want to be able to easy for you to reach. Our textable number is the same as our office number, 215-627-5955.

Why Is My Dog So Itchy?

Is your dog constantly licking and scratching? If so, you’re not alone. Many dogs lick and scratch as result of itching (also called pruritis). The itching may be minimal or extreme, and can even cause injury. Learn more about why your dog is so itchy…