Happy Howl-O-ween

5 Halloween Reminders to Keep Your Dog Safe
When we celebrate the holidays, we often want to make our dogs a part of the festivities. Halloween is no exception. In fact, for some pet parents, the dog’s Halloween costume is as important as their own. However, for all the fun that may come along with this time of year, it’s not always a positive experience for dogs.
With these reminders, I hope it will be a happy and fun Halloween night for both you and your pooch…

As a reminder, the office will be closed on Friday, November 2 and Saturday, November 3. If your pet needs medical attention on either of those days we would recommend you take them to VSEC, Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center to be seen.
Make sure to check your pet’s medications so that we can refill them before we are closed.

Our favorite event of the year. This year our Santa Photos will be on Saturday, December 8th from 2pm-5pm.
All donations received during Santa Photos benefit the Millie Fund.
Please bring your own camera for a digital copy of your picture.

On October 21, we held a Fall Farm Festival as a fundraiser for Chenoa Manor. It was was a huge success. We were able to raise almost $2000 for Chenoa Manor. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the cause.

We are still celebrating our Seniors. Stop in the office to take a selfie using our special selfie frame.
To keep our Seniors happy and healthy we recommend biannual exams and annual bloodwork. Routine screening tests can help your veterinarian keep track of your senior pet’s health and can identify and uncover potential medical issues. Remember, the earlier most diseases are detected and treatment started, the better the prognosis. Screening lab work is a simple tool we can use to effectively manage your senior pet’s health.