The Millennia Fund was established in the Fall of 1999 when an 8 week old Bichon Frise puppy, owned by a local pet store for holiday sales, presented to our hospital in a coma. Our team of doctors and technicians fought hard to revive her after she went into cardiac arrest from her Parvovirus induced hypoglycemia. The team knew the pet store would not pay for the intensive care needed to help her fight the viral infection. A decision was made to provide treatment for this little survivor as economic euthanasia was not an acceptable solution. Millennia, as she was so named since she lived to see the millennia, was adopted by Dr. Casavecchia and lived over 15 and a half years.

Because of this success story – combined with our goal to save all animals that can be treated – we started the Millennia Fund. Through generous donations from our clients and our successful fundraising campaigns from our annual dog washes, Santa Photos and Gift of Life Tree, we have been able to provide life-saving care for those pets whose owners are in economic distress.

The Millennia Fund since its creation in 1999 has aided over 30 pets that needed financial support for their medical care. Our very own house cat, Barnaby, is a recipient of the Millennia Fund.

Millennia would like to personally thank the owner of Mickey and Minnie who has pledged annually to support this great cause. Even though Millennia has left our world her fund will continue to live on subsidizing care for our four legged friends in need.